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Strengthening Health Policies and Resource Planning in Meghalaya

By Debamitra Bhattacharya Jan 10, 2024

In Meghalaya, HSTP's support spanned critical areas including health financing, resource planning for health, Human Resources for Health (HRH), and digital health. The team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the state's health budget to begin with, which highlighted resource allocation gaps and existing expenditure patterns. Based on these insights, HSTP collaborated with the state in formulating a long-term health sector plan aligned with state health objectives and international health frameworks.

A significant milestone involved providing technical assistance to develop a state-specific Policy for the Creation of Specialist, Public Health, and Teaching Sub-Cadres. The release of the draft policy document for public feedback marked a crucial step towards a more robust and responsive healthcare system in Meghalaya. Further endeavours were directed at implementing Internal Performance Agreements (IPAs) within the state's health department. This initiative aimed to strategically plan, allocate, and utilize resources based on identified needs, thereby improving service delivery in the state. The IPAs have also been rolled out in the state in November this year, marking yet another step forward towards a healthier future.


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