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Leadership Management Training for Physicians in the State Health Department

By Dr Gulfam Ahmed Hashmi May 07, 2024

Traditionally, medical leadership in India has been hierarchical where professionals assume leadership roles as they acquire higher positions either by their seniority or by rotation. In such a scenario, there are gaps due to perceived “existing competency” and “required competency” levels in leadership. CIP training is a results-based program and focuses on individual and organizational goals that indicate performance. Participants apply action principles to achieve the goals set by themselves, through coaching in real-life situations, to produce organisationally relevant results. HSTP designed this leadership development program in collaboration with Athulya Performance Facilitators. This program aims to support health transformation in the State through sample batch training, Development of coaches, Knowledge transfer, and internalization in SIHFW. 

HSTP has already conducted training on leadership for cohorts of medical officers working in leadership roles at district and subdistrict levels. Coaches will be developed from these cohorts to act as mentors for future batches. The first batch of mentors is about to start. Planning with SHRC to internalize the coaching program with HSTP support and transfer the training capacities to scale up these trainings. HSTP is working with management institutions to have a more comprehensive curriculum for management leadership.


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