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Nudging HRH Policies: Transforming Health Systems in Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh

By Dr Gulfam Ahmed Hashmi May 07, 2024

HSTP is focused on helping that state develop its HRH policies by looking at the long-term implications on the health systems. It also nudged the state to modify the existing medical service rules to support the easier implementation of HRH policies.

HSTP is supporting the state of Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh to avoid fragmentation of its policies, and synergistically develop its Specialist/Public Health Cadre Policy, Posting/Transfer Policy, and Induction Training Policy for sustainably addressing the challenge of shortage of doctors/specialists within the health system.

With comprehensive HRH policies in place, the state can address the challenge of attracting and retaining specialists and doctors within the health system. These would also aid the state to ensure the right kind of human resources is posted at the right level. Apart from this the training and induction policy will complement the above policies by rendering the necessary skills to the doctors/specialists within the health system propelling the state towards making their facilities IPHS compliant in the coming years.


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