HSTP facilitates the change of health systems so that everyone has fair access to quality healthcare services.

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At HSTP, we believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation and progress in healthcare. Our institutional partnerships are designed to leverage the strengths and expertise of diverse organizations, fostering synergistic efforts to improve health service delivery. By working together with academic institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations, we aim to drive impactful initiatives that enhance healthcare accessibility, quality, and outcomes. Explore this section to learn more about our valued partners and the collaborative projects that are transforming healthcare landscapes for communities across India.

About Partnership

HSTP catalyzes health impact and specializes in delivering evidence-backed recommendations tailored to strengthen, enhance, and optimize public health systems. We recognize that good health is fundamental to social and economic stability. Health equity not only improves quality of life but also breaks cycles of poverty, enhances educational outcomes, boosts productivity, and fosters community resilience. Our approach emphasizes leveraging our deep understanding of health and evidence-based recommendations to drive positive impacts. Realizing that the challenge of improving public health is too large for any single entity, we collaborate closely with governments, and other partners across the country to enhance and support our work. We believe that effective partnerships require building synergies based on shared interests. Our institutional partnerships are critical in achieving our mission. By collaborating with a diverse network of stakeholders including governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and international agencies, we aim to leverage expertise, resources, and innovative solutions. 

Join us as we work towards building a healthier future for all communities we serve, through impactful partnerships and evidence-based solutions.

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Our Partners
Tata Trust
Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
Harvard School of Public Health
National Health Authority
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